What’s the fastest way to sell a property without ‘giving your home away’ for next to nothing?
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What’s the fastest way to sell a property without ‘giving your home away’ for next to nothing?

What’s the fastest way to sell a property
Are you looking to sell your home but wondering what your options are?

One of the most important questions may be: “How do I go about selling a house fast for cash without stressing out?” As well as: “How do I avoid high commission fees?”

The speed you want to  to achieve your home sale with depends on why you’re looking to sell  in the first place. It could be that you’ve found somewhere else to live, you have to move for a job or you’re getting divorced and feel you need a fresh start.

Whatever the reason may be, most people want to sell their home sooner rather than later. The question home sellers   ask of themselves is: “Can I sell my house fast for market value?” And, incidentally, the answer is yes.

Selling your home at an auction or with a house buying company like ourselves here at Faster Property Solutions are the quickest ways to sell and we know this based on years of experience

Getting an estate agent to handle the whole sale should be stress-free – but you’ll pay for that extra help in commission fees.

Before you start signing any documents though, you want to do some research first. So, we’ve compiled this brief guide on different ways to achieve a house sale and what they entail.

Selling at an auction

If you’re wondering how to sell your house quickly then selling at an auction could be the answer you’re looking for. 

That’s because your property is sold the minute the auctioneer’s hammer goes down on a bid. Provided the buyer pays an initial deposit right there and then at the auction house, (usually around 10% of the home’s value), they can then get started with the legal paperwork.  Exactly 28 days later, they would be due to pay the remaining balance to complete the  home sale and the title deeds would then be transferred onto them.


There is commission involved in the sale – of around 2.5 per cent and this is the auction house’s cut. There are also additional fees for listing  your property in the auction house catalogue. This is a cost you have to pay upfront (regardless of whether or not your house is later sold at the auction). Before you can list your property you’ll also have to pay a solicitor to draw up a legal pack for the auction house. This should include the title deeds of the property, conditions of sale and any applicable searches like a mine workings survey and many more.

Selling Your Home Privately

You can achieve a house sale by yourself when you put out an advert on an online property portal, advertise in the local newspaper, via social media and/or a community noticeboard. It won’t cost you any commission in estate agent fees – but it will cost you time. 

And there are other little extras to pay for, such as the online portal’s fees, professional photography (it’s always worth it) and getting a room guide or a floor plan printed etc. 

In terms of stress levels, this option may not be the best one as you’ll have to set a price yourself and negotiate with any interested buyer that comes along – preferably without falling out. You’ll also have to set up and conduct viewings. You’ll have to be pleasant, friendly, optimistic and prepared to answer questions about your home during viewings – and always showing your home in the best possible light. All of which may seem very stressful to an inexperienced home seller. 

Once you have a favourable buyer there is the conveyancing process to negotiate. Concluding the missives can also often take a few months to complete. So, if you’re looking to quickly sell a property then selling a property yourself is not necessarily the best way to achieve your goal.

Using an estate agent to sell your home

Most people use an estate agent to sell their property. They often don’t even think about any other options, believing there is no other way. And why should they? Most of us only buy a property two or three times in our lives so selling a house is not always something we are familiar with. It’s why we use professionals 

estate agent

If you’re wondering ‘how long does it take to sell a house’? Or ‘can I sell my house fast for market value?’ then these are the people to ask.

Estate agents will do (or should do – not all estate agents  follow the same process) all the work for you. They handle the advertising, viewings, negotiating and dealing with solicitors etc. And, because of this, they want a commission from the sale of your property – which runs into thousands of pounds.

Use a cash buying company

Getting a cash buying company to purchase your property is the quickest way of selling a house fast for cash. Some companies, like ourselves, are so efficient that it’s possible to have the process wrapped up very quickly – within a week.

Here at Faster Property Solutions our team has the experience and expertise to give guidance on what the best possible selling route is for you when it comes to selling our home. It may not always be best to sell your property for cash, for instance. It could be that hanging on to the property, undertaking any necessary work then selling it at a later day may suit your own circumstances better and ensure you get a better sale price.

property agreement

Whatever cash buying company you decide to use to quickly sell a property, just make sure they are legitimate and all their dealings are above board. Take a look through references, online testimonies and make sure they appear on the Financial Services Register.

At Faster Property Services we offer a Helping Hand service to anyone who is selling a house fast for cash to pay off debts or for other distressing reasons. Our staff can help with any questions and hopefully help make an anxious situation more bearable and understandable.

To find out more about Helping Hand or our cash buying process in general and get in touch with the team here at Faster Property Solutions.

Call us on freephone 0800 3247 949 or write to us at enquiries@fasterpropertysolutions.co.uk.

You can also take a look at our website www.fasterpropertysolutions.co.uk

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