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Meet The FPS Team

Our team has been together for many years. Every single one of us is passionate about providing the best possible solution to all our clients whilst at the same time maintaining our core family values.

Customer Relations Team
You will never deal with a sales person or an employee. We appreciate this is could be a really sensitive matter, so only a director will provide a bespoke solution that’s right for you to get your life back on track.
Progression Team
An integral part of the business which supports our customers in their journey to get their life back on track. We have trained staff who can help deal with aspects such as relocating, renting a new property, legal advice as well as making sure that the process is happening as smoothly as possible with clients being updated at every step of the way.
Operations Team
The glue that keeps everything working efficiently. This team makes sure we meet the timescales and requests asked by each customer and that the process from the start to finish is quick and stress-free for all our customers.
FPS Foundation Team
Our FPS Foundation was formed to allow us to translate our passion for making a difference to impact children’s lives positively.