How to Sell Your House Quickly for a Good Price
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How to Sell My House Quickly for a Good Price

How to Sell My House Quickly for a Good Price

Many of us, at some stage, have wondered how we’re going to make the mortgage payment that month. But for some people, that one month can turn into two, three, and even a year. And, it’s at this stage that you will start looking for tips on how to sell your house quickly for a good price.

That’s because, the quicker you sell, the less debt you will accrue in the process. However, you are obviously going to be looking for a fair price for your house in order to pay off those existing debts. So, what do you do? Well, first read about our Helping Hands service.

Sell house quickly: use a specialist company

If you use either a High Street or online estate agent, it’s going to take up to three months to sell – at least. And, right now, with the UK property market in full-flow as buyers take advantage of the Stamp Duty holiday, it could take far longer to sell. There is also the complication of lockdown restrictions making in-person viewings more difficult.

The reason houses for sale take so long to sell is because you will initially have to get the property valued, then you will have to appoint a solicitor to handle the paperwork and, finally, find a buyer who isn’t already in a chain and already has a mortgage application in place (good luck with that one!). Having said that, a first-time buyer wouldn’t be in a chain but with mortgage companies tightening up on their lending criteria, very few first-time buyers can afford to buy a property right now.

Use a company like ourselves here at Faster Property Solutions and you could sell within a week. That’s because we will come and see you straight away and assess the accurate value of your property. You can always check out prices sold on property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla but be careful, computer based valuation are not always accurate.

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Sell my house for cash

Meanwhile, here at Faster Property Solutions we already have an in-house solicitor to speed the sale up. And, finally, we will buy the property directly – and legally – from you for cash (we are buying ourselves, no third party involved here). That way you won’t be delayed with waiting for solicitors, conveyancers or end buyers to get round to deal with your transaction. And neither will you face the last-minute disappointment of your buyer pulling out of the sale because he or she couldn’t sell their home in time.

Why should I: “Sell my house for cash?”

Apart from the reasons we have already outlined, another reason to sell your house quickly for cash is because it could prevent the worry of repossession by your lender. This could be because you haven’t been able to make mortgage payments recently and your ability to make future payments doesn’t look good either. Repossession involves stressful court proceedings and can feel like you have a ‘ticking bomb’ on your shoulder, the longer you delay taking action, the more debts you get into.

And, if repossession proceedings have already begun, don’t worry – there is still time to have them reversed. We can achieve this by speaking to your lender for you.

Another – more positive – reason to sell a house quickly for cash could be  because you’ve already seen another house you want to buy and want to make a bid quickly before another buyer comes along. That makes perfect sense.

Both scenarios are very legitimate reasons to ask yourself: “Should I sell my house for cash?”

And finally, another reason not to use a High Street or online estate agent to sell is because when you sell for cash through a legitimate and reputable house buying company like ourselves you won’t find any hidden fees. All our fees (not that there are many) are outlined right from the start. Nothing is ever added. What you see is what you pay. We give you certainty with timing! We exchange quickly and set the completion at your convenience.

Why shouldn’t I: “Sell my house fast”

The ultimate objective is to find out how to sell your house quickly for a good price. Sometimes though there are times when it’s worth your while to wait to sell your home – particularly if you want to take your chances and sell on the open market.

If you make some home improvements you’ll get a much better price for it. Update the kitchen and/or bathroom, make some repairs to the roof and guttering as well as doing a touch of landscaping and you could find yourself on the end of a bidding war. Ultimately this means you will get far more for your property than if you just sold it in its current state. 


But how do you get the money for these repairs? Give us a call and we will advise you on what kind of renovation your home needs to sell at the top of the market. It could be that all it requires is decorating throughout and a little landscaping.

In addition to that, we can also get in an experienced team of builders and project manage the renovation for you. We can re-house you too while the work is being carried out.

How much will I gain when improving my home?

If the right amount of money is spent on the right improvements, you will certainly be better off financially. So what kind of renovations tend to be the most popular right now? Well, it can depend on where you live.

In London, for instance, open plan one-storey rear extensions are very popular, while in Birmingham it’s all about loft conversion. That’s according to a 2019 Home Renovation Study by self-storage experts Safestore.


In essence though, you can expect the value of your property to increase 10.8% with a loft conversion. A new kitchen could add around 8.2% to the property’s value, and a new roof 3.1%. You can find out more about how to add value to your property here.

At Faster Property Solutions we provide a listening ear as well as a helping hand – and ultimately a cash solution. Don’t sit there worrying and wondering. Get in touch with our team today tel: 0808 169 7403 or chat to us via our website

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