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Selling your house fast for cash isn’t a process you should enter into lightly, and that is why we’ve produced this handy house selling guide.


Unless you have an insider within the trade who can advise you, it isn’t always easy to work out. And that’s why we’ve written this post, outlining some of the top fast selling myths when it comes to going through a house sale.


Don’t suffer from debt worries in silence. Learn to manage priority and non-priority debt to stop bailiffs pestering you and to prevent house repossession.

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Let’s face it, buying and selling property through the traditional estate agent route has never been easy. With lengthy completion delays and the rise in demand caused by COVID-19 and nationwide lockdowns, the process has only gotten all the more lengthy and complicated. 


Many people, as a result of family bereavement, end up with a loved one’s home as part of their inheritance. In most circumstances, this is when an inherited property is passed on to offspring in the absence of a married or civil partner.


It can be stressful enough to deal with the death of a close family member without having to worry about what to do with the inherited property. Regardless of whether you were aware or not about inheriting a house in your loved one’s will, the property still has to be dealt with.


When you’re going through a divorce, often the last thing you want to think about is what’s going to happen to your home. 

The idea of either being out of your home or having to manage the entire mortgage payment on your own can be terrifying: do you want to move out and leave the property for your other half? 


If you have been threatened with house repossession by your mortgage lender for getting behind with payments, then you may be confused about what will happen next.

Rest assured though, just because your lender says they will apply to the courts to repossess your house doesn’t mean this will be granted. There are ways to manage your debt that don’t include losing your home.

Many of us, at some stage, have wondered how we’re going to make the mortgage payment that month. But for some people, that one month can turn into two, three, and even a year. And, it’s at this stage that people start wondering: “How do I sell my house fast?


Having a growing mountain of debts to cope with can, understandably, prove overwhelming. It can lead you to feel that you will never get out of debt. 

Unfortunately, burying your head in the ground and ignoring the issue is never going to make it go away!


The last thing you need when your house is under threat from repossession is a ‘We Buy Houses cash’ scam merchant coming along. Because, at this point in your life, even getting through each day is stressful, never mind worrying about where you might be living next month and how you can pay the latest bill that has just arrived through the letterbox.


Refurbishing your house can add significant value, which is especially important if you need to sell your home to solve your debt problems. But what is the best way of adding value to your home in the shortest space of time? How do you get the funds? And which house refurbishment offers the best return on the money you have put in?

Are you considering – or being financially forced – to sell your house for cash? If so we can help. But there may be other avenues you can go down too.
Here at Faster Property Solutions, we can provide a life-raft if you feel you’re currently drowning in debt.


One in five homeowners experience a home sale falling, according to a recent study. The data reveals that when it comes to selling property, time wasters are more common than most people can imagine.

House viewing - Selling a house

If you have been struggling with debt for some time and wondering if selling a house during the coronavirus pandemic will be difficult then read on. We have produced some helpful and up-to-the-minute advice to make it easy for you.

In 2019, there were 4,580 home repossessions in the UK. That’s 88 per week and nearly 18 per day which means that 4,580 homes were claimed by lenders. But what exactly is home repossession - and what can you do to prevent this from happening to you? Here at Faster Property Solutions, we are here to guide you through it.